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Sketches of a landscape

In January 1945, Ludwig Wittgenstein remarked in the preface to the Philosophical Investigations that his original aim was to address in this work such broad issues as “the concepts of meaning, of understanding, of a proposition, of logic…”. He goes on to say that he wanted to turn his ideas regarding these concepts into a book for which he had different outlines over the years: “After several unsuccessful attempts to weld my results together into…a whole,” Wittgenstein admits, he realized that the best he could write “would never be more than philosophical remarks; my thoughts were soon crippled if I tried to force them on or in any single direction against their natural inclination.” That he could only come up with “remarks,” Wittgenstein continues, “was, of course, connected with the very nature of the investigation. For this compels us to travel over a wide field of thought crisscross in every direction.” “The philosophical remarks in this book are,” he concludes, “a number of sketches of a landscape [Landschaftsskizzen] which were made in the course of these long and involved journeys.”

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Martin Heidegger posits in What is Called Thinking four distinctive points:

Sketches of a landscape

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